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Introducing Maximum Matrix Nutrition

segunda-feira, 29 de outubro de 2018


Maximum Matrix Nutrition has been developed by AB Vista following extensive research to determine the effect of targeted enzyme application to degrade both phytate and NSP, reducing the antinutritive effects of both substrates.

Maximum Matrix Nutrition is a new enzyme application which delivers complete phytate destruction whilst reducing viscosity and increasing fibre fermentability. The concept was presented by Dr Hadden Graham, AB Vista Services Director, at the Feed Additives 2018.
As Dr Graham explains, “the practice of superdosing phytase to target phytate (IP6) destruction has arisen from the industry recognising the nutritional benefits to be had from more complete phytate breakdown. Recent advances in xylanase research have demonstrated that xylanase enzymes have a role to play in potentiating the gut microflora to degrade more fibre.”
Dr Graham shared the latest findings from AB Vista research that support Maximum Matrix Nutrition – exploring its ability to degrade both phytate and NSP, reducing the anti-nutritive effects of both substrates.
“The net result is improved nutrient utilisation and a significant improvement in amino acids, minerals and energy, meaning diets can be formulated with higher nutrient credits delivering considerable feed cost savings and minimising waste.”

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